2021 LOA Symposium

2018 Presentations

Below are the speaker slides that have been made available for public distribution.
Presentation Presenter
Joint Logistics Planning - Introduction Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Kilgore

Supply Chain Management - Introduction Dr. William Cunnigham
Supply Chain Management - Advanced Mr. Robert Butler
Mr. Chris Favreau

Life Cycle Systems Management - Introduction Mr. Al Barnes
Mr. Eric Glover
Ms. Carolyn Middleton
Mr. Joshua Gee

Defense Industrial Base Optimization - Introduction Lieutenant Colonel (USAF, Ret) Mark Lua
Mr. Guy Fritchman

Joint Logistics Course (JLC) Major Heather McDaniel
Defense Industrial Base Optimization - Advanced Mr. Jim Brunke
Ms. Melinda Gerlach
Ms. Jennifer Matney

Education, Training & Experience: The Continuum of Lifelong Learning & Professional Development Lieutenant Colonel (USAF, Ret) Steve Martinez CSCP
Mr. Dee Biggs
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Christopher Boone Ph.D.
Colonel Larry Chadwick
Professor David J. Huff Ph.D.
Ms. Alison Krentz
Ms. Whitney Mitchell
Ms. Grace Neeley

Aerial Port/Flightline of the Future Lieutenant Colonel Mark T. Szatkowski
Captain Allan Morford

Supply Chain Risk Management SES Mr. Dennis L. D'Angelo
Mr. Steve Gray

State of Logistics Lieutenant General Warren D. Berry
Data Analytics Conditioned Based Maintenance Plus Panel Ms. Debora A. Naguy
Mr. Craig Amadeo
Colonel Robert W. Jackson II
Ms. Melanie Jonason
Mr. Kevin McCormick
Mr. Serg Posadas
Mr. Jeffrey Vaughn

Enterprise Supply Chain Management: 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing Colonel Robert L. Henderson
AF Data Service Platform Ms. Jackie Murray
Mr. Robert Shell