2018 LOA Symposium

2017 Presentations

Below are the speaker slides that have been made available for public distribution.
Presentation Presenter Location
Funding the Fight: Generating Logistics Readiness Through Air Force Working Capital Funds Colonel (USAF, Ret) Joe Diana
Ms. Jennifer Matney
Riverview 1-2 - Tuesday 0730-1130
Riverview 1-2 - Tuesday 1230-1630
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"From Madness to Mainstream: The Journey of a Disruptive Thinker" Ms. Susan Reed Riverview Ballroom - Thursday 0845-0915 Ppt icon
63X Functional Track Session Major General Duke Z. Richardson
Colonel Ralph Bordner
Colonel Brady P. Hauboldt
National Harbor 7 - Wednesday 1115-1230 Ppt icon
Advancing Your Logistics Capabilities: Modern Spares Modeling, Professional Certifications & Budget Basics for Logisticians Mr. Robert Butler
Mr. Irv Varkonyi
Mr. Gary "Mitch" Nogrady
National Harbor 6 - Tuesday 0730-1130
National Harbor 6 - Tuesday 1230-1630
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Culture Shock: Transitioning from Flightline to Industrial Maintenance Colonel Raymond E. Briggs Jr National Harbor 7 - Thursday 1300-1400
National Harbor 7 - Thursday 1415-1515
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Defense Industrial Base Optimization - Leveraging Data to Improve Logistics Decisions and Organizational Performance Mr. Eric Glover
Mr. Loren Maxwell
National Harbor 8 - Tuesday 0730-1130
National Harbor 8 - Tuesday 1230-1630
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Defense Logistics Agency Lieutenant General Darrell Williams Riverview Ballroom - Wednesday 1515-1600 Ppt icon
Even if You Knew HOW, the Requirement Won't Let Us - DOD Innovation Pdf icon
Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics to Improve Logistics, Maintenance and Supply Chain Performance Dr. Paul Hartman Chesapeake J/K/L - Wednesday 1115-1230 Ppt icon
Industry Keynote Mr. Steve Hogan Riverview Ballroom - Thursday 1600-1700 Ppt icon
Joint Logistics Planning - Introduction Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Marsh Read Chesapeake 10/11/12 - Tuesday 0730-1130
Chesapeake 10/11/12 - Tuesday 1230-1630
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Life Cycle Systems Management - Introduction Mr. Steve Brown
Ms. Betsy Lederer
Mr. Josh Gee
Mr. John E. Sullivan III
National Harbor 9 - Tuesday 0730-1130
National Harbor 9 - Tuesday 1230-1630
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LOGTALK - "Driving a Culture of What If" Major General Cedric D. George Riverview Ballroom - Thursday 0810-0830 Ppt icon
The Internet of Things and DoD's Third Offset Strategy...a Perfect Match Major General (USAF, Ret) H. Brent Baker Sr. National Harbor 6 - Wednesday 1115-1230 Pdf icon
The SCOW and Base Level Coordination....Everything You Need to Know But Were Afraid to Ask Colonel Dave Sanford Riverview 4-5 - Thursday 1300-1400
Riverview 4-5 - Thursday 1415-1515
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Veterati Mentoring Ms. Diana Rau Riverview Ballroom - Thursday 0830-0845 Pdf icon