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Small Business Innovation Pavilion (SBIP) Accepted Submissions

AIRGO Industries
Booth Number: 152
Innovation Title: MulePAC
Innovation Description: MulePAC is the ultimate solution for transporting and storing all classes of military supplies, to from and within theater all the way to the last tactical mile. Made of nearly indestructible plastic, MulePAC is built to withstand the toughest environments. A patented modular design makes MulePAC lightweight, collapsible and stackable without compromising on its incredible strength. The only secondary container designed specifically for the U.S. military, MulePAC saves time, money and lives!

C2 Command Solutions, LLC
Booth Number: 349
Innovation Title: Leadership Solutions for Multi-Domain Cyberspace & Intelligence Challenges
Innovation Description: C2 Command Solutions (C2) is a highly specialized and sought after consulting firm which possess uncommon, special knowledge, skills, and judgment that has been accorded commensurate authority and status by supervisors, peers, and subordinates alike. C2 has substantive experience & education, and has repeatedly proven ourselves superlative through decades of real-world military, at levels of the tactician through the strategist in CYBERSPACE and INTELLIGENCE disciplines.

Booth Number: 347
Innovation Title: Defense Entrepreneurs Forum
Innovation Description: The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) is a non-profit network of emerging defense leaders, civilian innovators, and social entrepreneurs who promote a culture of innovation and act upon transformational ideas to address national security challenges. As a member, you will connect with a community that works across traditional structures in pursuit of a more creative, agile, and risk-tolerant national security community.

Global Ground Support, LLC
Booth Number: 337
Innovation Title: A Virtual Deicing Experience
Innovation Description: By using a Virtual Reality Training Method, ground service providers can receive valuable deicing experience without wasting fluid or fuel while also avoiding the risk of damaging aircraft and ground support equipment. Operators can now train with the same controls as the actual vehicle in different weather conditions, on different aircraft and as a team with other operators in multi-player mode. Using Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets the Operator is fully immersed in the 3 dimensional environment.

Haight Bey & Associates
Booth Number: 148
Innovation Title: Haight & Associates Innovation
Innovation Description: Coming Soon

InSap Services Inc
Booth Number: 150
Innovation Title: Logistics Common Operating Picture
Innovation Description: Adaptive sustainment is central for defense organizations. Mission success depends upon linking strategic logistics organizations and to in-theater warfighting units they support. Central to enabling unified operations by equipping, and training adaptive sustainment professionals, is a standardized, timely and accurate Common Operating Picture (COP). COP provides an organization-wide awareness of the global logistics posture within a dynamic area of operation. Such a data driven COP can be enabled using technology driven solutions that integrate real-time data from various sources. This paper describes how joint operations can be achieved by using technology to integrate data streams to create a logistics COP

Innovation Title: 3D Printing for Additive ManufacturingPresentation Approved
Innovation Description: 3D printing refers to the creation of a physical object through a process of adding layers of material until the object is built. Raw materials used can be a thermoplastic or a metal. The source of the printing process is electronic data or a 3D model. The roots of 3D printing reach back to the 1980s when it was referred to as "Additive Manufacturing" (AM). The technology as evolved with 3D printing about to become a commodity that transforms 21st century logistics. 3D printing will impact supply chain processes, including planning, contracting, sourcing, vendor collaboration and inventory.

Perfect Point
Booth Number: 335
Innovation Title: E-Drill
Innovation Description: Perfect Point EDM Corporation is revolutionizing the Aerospace Maintenance, Repair, and, Overhaul industry using its patented Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) technology to remove all types of fasteners 10 times faster with less than a 1% damage rate. PPEDM has developed a hand held EDM tool used to cut extremely hard metals such as Titanium, Steel and Nickel alloys. Our flagship product, the E-Drill, is used in the removal of aerospace and jet engine fasteners, we have become the industry leader in fastener removal solutions with customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, and other blue chip aerospace companies. Techniques for fastener removal on aircraft.

Sehlke Consulting, LLC
Booth Number: 341
Innovation Title: Sehlke Logistics
Innovation Description: Coming Soon

Booth Number: 136
Innovation Title: Changing The Game: The Solution for Increased Availability and Reduced Cost
Innovation Description: Opus Suite has been developed to support you in finding the right balance between operational performance and total ownership cost of your technical systems over their life cycle. Opus Suite consists of three integrated products; OPUS10, SIMLOX and CATLOC. Together, they give you the ability to predict and analyze the performance and costs of your technical systems and their support solution from a life cycle perspective, both from a high-level system perspective and with a detailed in-depth view. Opus Suite supports your decision-making with regards to requirements specification, acquisition of systems, design of logistic support solution, orinvestment in logistic support resources and spares.

Booth Number: 146
Innovation Title: Innovative Workforce Management (IWM)
Innovation Description: The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 40% of the workforce will be 55 or older by 2020, with a large percentage retiring in the next 5-10 years. Recognizing and innovatively addressing human capital and other resource constraints is crucial in general, and certainly in today's USAF depot operations complexes. Innovative Workforce Management (IWM) is TACG’s methodology to 1) address the ATL functional community’s need to capitalize on existing and upcoming resource constraints, and 2) recognize the opportunity to create additional capacity and accomplish more with available resources.

Vintun LLC
Booth Number: 339
Innovation Title: Data Exchange Services
Innovation Description: Vintun has deployed our data exchange and data as a service solution within logistics and business programs offices to enable more effective aggregation and analysis of data. Our approach enforces data standards at the database level, therefore enabling a more efficient and cost efficient approach to data analytics.