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Continuous Learning Points

The LOA University and Symposium assigns Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for participants. Starting in 2017, LOA will implement Session Tracking to be able to provide participants with documentation of the appropriate CLP points individuals should be awarded for the completion of the event.

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) are points awarded for successful completion of Continuous Learning activities, and are required for members of the DoD Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW).

Many professional associations have continuous education/professional development requirements for its members that carry specific credentialing or certifications. For example, individuals certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute, are required to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDS) every 3 years to maintain their PMP credentials. 1 PDU typically represents one hour (60 minutes) spent in a planned, structured professional development activity.

Defense Acquisition Workforce members are required to meet the goal of 40 CLPs each year or the mandatory requirement of 80 CLPs within two years.

Based upon DAU guidance, LOA as the sponsoring organization follows the DAU CLP point determination guidelines:

*Calculate each day separately
*Total the day values to obtain an event value
*If total CLPs for the event is a fraction, round to closest whole number
*1 point for each hour of instructor
*1/2 point for each hour participating in general sessions

Participants at the 2017 Logistics University and Symposium met the requirements for the following CLPs:

LOA University – 8 CLPs, 8 PDUs
LOA Symposium – 18 CLPs, 18 PDUs